Join the Wave of Change with Iberostar

In the heart of the idyllic Caribbean is a resort group with an ambitious agenda and serious commitment to ecological protection and responsible tourism. Iberostar Hotels & Resorts is tackling a number of issues faced by oceanfront properties as they strive to protect their delicate environment and promote sustainable practices in everything from farming and fishing to coastal restoration and renewal. Become a partner in Iberostar’s vital tourism movement by staying at one of their luxurious all-inclusive beachfront resorts in your next vacation.

Photo: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Environmental Action

Do your part for the environment at a spectacular resort in the Caribbean. Iberostar Group has made a long-term commitment to environmental protection and is taking dramatic steps toward their ambitious goals. All Iberostar hotels and resorts  have been single-use plastic free since 2020 and intend to be carbon neutral by 2030. Waste-reduction practices to prevent pollution at its source are being implemented in addition to re-use and recycling systems already underway.

Local communities are participating in the company’s coastal health awareness and education programs with coral nurseries in Mexico and the Dominican Republic. Iberostar also contributes to coastal protection and restoration programs for seagrasses, mangroves and other ecosystems which then benefit biodiversity and conservation opportunities.

Sustainable Cuisine

Dining at Iberostar just got a lot fresher. The “Wave of Change” initiative is bringing sustainable fish and seafood to the table by working with suppliers to feature local and seasonal items. Throughout the supply chain, the group is minimizing the use of plastics while transitioning to biodegradable materials when possible.

Restaurants in Mexico resorts are now serving 100% of seafood from responsible sources. Gourmet dining paired with sustainable ingredients makes for a delicious combination.

Photo: Dining at the hotel

Involve Yourself

Iberostar Group has made a firm commitment toward responsible tourism by joining the UNESCO Sustainable Travel Pledge, an agreement that demonstrates the tourism industry’s contribution to the ocean health and improving local communities.

The company’s “Discover Iberostar” campaign contributed $100,000 to the Protecting and Restoring the Mesoamerican Reef initiative. You can make a positive impact on the region and join the movement toward sustainable tourism by choosing an Iberostar property for your next vacation.

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